Extra Yarn is a book about a girl who finds an extraordinary box of yarn and begins to knit sweaters for things that do not typically wear sweaters. (It's also about an archduke, sneakthieves, and a tiny bearded man.) We devised a contest: pretty up your bookshops by knitting a sweater (or sweaters) for something (or things) in the store. We got photos from bookstores across the USA and Canada.

Seeing all these sweaters in all these places, well, we were moved.

And so, because we are softies overwhelmed by the generosity and magnitude of the response, we are making a last-minute change to the rules: now every shop that entered will receive a signed limited-edition print. The three runners-up will get a small piece of original art. And Jon will do a biggish drawing of the grand-prize winner's storefront. We hope you enjoy looking at these photographs. And thank you to everyone who's read (and shared) Extra Yarn. And thanks especially to the independent booksellers who've championed this book: truly, Extra Yarn wouldn't have succeeded without you.